DerpyCon 2019 - October 25 - 27, 2019 - Morristown, NJ

Introducing DerpyCon Algorithm

Algorithms are changing the way how we live. From the movies we stream on our tv, to what we see on our social media feeds. And now the dedicated staff at DerpyCon is changing the way how conventions are run.

Introducing DerpyCon Algorithm, a new way to streamline the convention experience.

“After years of research and calculations, we are taking the work out of the convention experience and making it more fun,” says Anthony Zaragoza, convention chair of DerpyCon. “Staff meetings and staff collecting data in text documents was so 1981. We need a new way to run the convention and save time.”

Starting with our 2021 event, the algorithm will determine the panels, the guests, the vendors, and everything inbetween. The algorithm receives the input from what the attendees want while they register to the event. The show will be the determined by the algorithm 90 days before the show.

This doesn’t mean all staff work will be wiped away. DerpyCon will continue to streamline its experience in a more automatic environment in the near future.

”The heart of DerpyCon is its staff. We want to continue to grow and at the same time be close to our attendees” Zaragoza added. “Algorithms are working on all platforms people use everyday, and I can’t wait to see it how it can handle a successful event.”

Registration for DerpyCon 2021 will be determined by the algorithm so we will not know when that will be.