DerpyCon 2018 - November 9 - 11, 2018 - Morristown, NJ



Chloé Hollings

Chloé Hollings Chloé Hollings is a French, British and Australian actress, voice-artist, writer and singer. She was born in Paris, France, but spent her early years running on the sunny beaches of Melbourne, Australia. These two magnificent yet very different backgrounds have made her who she is: a versatile artist, thirsty for knowledge, who seeks beauty in everything. As an actress she’s mainly worked in the theatre but is better known for her appearance in French TV show « Versailles”, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets by Luc Besson, and for giving a voice to the well-known Overwatch character: Widowmaker. She is also the author of a memoir that was released in France in 2016.

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Content Creator and Independent Researcher, she is known for being willing to research virtually any question. From Anime to 40K to Anime to Ponies, Fiaura will try her best to figure it out. Whether it is how Discord is limited in his magic or what psychology of the ponies, Fiaura will present the best solution she could find.

Currently she works on YouTube providing live streams of video games, writing, and tabletop adventures while doing reviews of said games as well as performing research questions posed by her subscribers focused on MLP, Anime, and 40K. Come on by, see her, and try to ask a question she can’t come up with an answer for!