DerpyCon 2018 - November 9 - 11, 2018 - Morristown, NJ

2016 Guests


Antipode Antipode is an eccentric dance group that has combined their love of nerd culture with their love of belly dancing to create a unique form of dance known as geek belly dancing. Antipode performs throughout the year at numerous conventions. They were founded in 2006 and have performed all along the East Coast and even in the United Kingdom.

Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment.
Photograph by J.Pecora Photography.

Children Driving Robots

Children Driving Robots At least a hundred years ago, a group of idiots and a plastic turtle named Kyle came together with a great mission: to have fun entertaining people irregardless of whether or not people were entertained. Whether it be arcade playthroughs and inaccurate anime descriptions on YouTube, convention panels about dumb stuff they’re obsessed with, or making new friends in hotel lobbies, Children Driving Robots are not aware that irregardless is not a word. Check us out online at

Cosplay Burlesque

Cosplay Burlesque Cosplay Burlesque is the East Coast’s premier burlesque troupe specializing in fandom and convention entertainment! Featuring a rotating cast of 30+ performers of all genders and orientations, Cosplay Burlesque has entertained audiences at over 40 events since 2008. We feature striptease artists, comedians, dancers, singers, sideshow, acrobats, & drag acts – all dressed as your favorite characters from TV, comics, movies, video games, and more!

Charles Dunbar

Charles Dunbar Charles Dunbar is graduate of Hunter College, CUNY, where he received a BA in Religion and Anthropology and an MA in Cultural Anthropology. His thesis, Pilgrimage, Pageantry and Fan Communities was published in 2011 and focused on anime convention participation, including spending habits, cosplay, demographics, communal behaviour and convention culture.

Charles has previously given talks before the Joseph Campbell Foundation, has worked in the music industry as an A&R talent scout and promoter, excavated a Roman Villa in the United Kingdom, studied Irish Literature at Trinity College in Dublin, acted as a teacher and mentor for at-risk students in a charter school, shipped books for a comic shop and had his own weekly radio show for 5 years.

These days you can usually find him at a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, working diligently on whatever project is currently occupying his time, or traveling the roads of the East Coast to various anime conventions. In addition to his own site, he also has written for the websites Insert Disc and Real Otaku Gamer.

E. L. Fortner

E. L. Fortner E.L. Fortner is a Voice Over Artist, Actor, Author, Scriptwriter, Associate Producer, Director, Lyric and Music Composer, and Photographer with years of experience in these industries. He has also just recently produced several songs and is currently working on an EP release.

He began, what is now over 25 years of experience, by programming video games in the early to mid-eighties, while he was in high school, and developing & distributing titles for Apple Computers. He developed one of the first gaming BBS’s in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region from the knowledge he gained working in this industry. He also set out to refine his Photographic Arts with classes in High School and then later while in College.

During the 80’s and early 90’s, he honed his skills as a semi-professional gamer on a number of titles, managing to set a variety of records. On Saturday August 10th, 2013, he received an award for his work in the video gaming industry and his visage was adorned on one of Twin Galaxies familiar video game trading cards. A card you can all now happily collect from the Twin Galaxies website.

He has worked on a number of projects across all of the above industries, ranging from indie games & voice overs, Music, to independent productions of film and Television. His projects have even allowed him to work for industry giants, Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and many others. Edward’s favorite and most memorable project to date has been voicing characters on the amazingly popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. He has also voiced several characters in the Audio Horror Series “Tales from Beyond Volume 2” coming soon to iTunes and Amazon.

He has done Theater and both Film and Television Projects in a number of different Genres. He recently appeared in the American Revolution Period drama, “TURN” that showed on AMC and wrote for a TV Pilot project in Miami Entitled “Experiment Kelly” in which did additional writing and editing. He also directed a Christmas related project called “Wishes” for Television and is currently working on a number of different projects.

He is also currently completing his second book titled, “Dreams of Reality”, through Haven Publishing, releasing in 2017.

Todd Haberkorn

Todd Haberkorn
Todd Haberkorn has been on stage, on set, and behind a mic for many years. Not only is Todd an actor in LA, he works as a producer, writer, and director as well. And he’s even been an action figure or two. Haberkornmobile sold separately.

In the world of voice over, Todd got his first major start in Suzuka as Yamato Akitski. From there, he went on to voice roles such as Jadeite from Sailor Moon, Natsu from Fairy Tail, Italy from Hetalia, Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Cheren from Pokemon, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man, Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club, Death The Kid from Soul Eater, and many others. As far as video games go, you’d recognize his voice in the Call of Duty Series, Xenoblades, Final Fantasy, Defiance, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter IV, Ghostbusters, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Borderlands 2, and Rage to name a handful. His voice makes sure to get its marathon training in as a multi-award winning narrator for audiobooks. Do a Google search and you’ll find everything from thrillers and young adult to zombie sagas and children’s books.

As far as on camera is concerned, when he isn’t working on films, industrials, and television projects for other companies, Todd does work with his company Out of the Office Productions. This is one aspect of a long history of on camera work in narrative film, commercials, and shorts. When he isn’t fighting digital monsters in video games or trying to save the day on film, Todd travels the U.S. and internationally making appearances at gnarly pop culture conventions as a guest to meet super cool fans and sign autographs. He is represented by The Horne Agency, Jeff Zannini Management, and VOX Inc.

Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna Vic has been acting for stage and screen since he was 8 years old. But his anime career started about fifteen years ago as Vega in Streetfighter II. Since then Vic has been in more than three hundred animated series and video games, known for such roles as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamaki Suou in Ouran High School Host Club, Zero in Vampire Knight, Death Scythe in Soul Eater, Fai in Tsubasa Chronicle, Keldeo in Pokemon, Dark in DN Angel, Kurz in Full Metal Panic, Broly in Dragonball Z, Ikkaku in Bleach, Obito/Nagato in Naruto, Yoshimori in Kekkaishi, Yukito in Air, Takanaga in Wallflower, Luciano in Code Geass, Virgil Walsh in Trinity Blood, Hikaru in Macross and many many more. Vic also played roles in G4’s Wolverine and Iron Man series, and the original Mass Effect movie. Vic is currently playing characters in Free!, Black Butler, Durarara, Sailor Moon, World Of Warcraft, Karneval, Attack On Titan, Space Dandy, Tiger & Bunny, Digimon Fusion, Sword Art Online, Nura, La Grange and several others. Vic has also voiced roles in a large number of video games including Soul Calibur, Disgaea, Dynasty Warriors, Persona III, Avengers, Pac Man, Sonic Colours, DBZ, Bleach, FMA and more. But even longer than his voice acting, Vic has been a professional music composer / singer / producer who has written and produced hundreds of pieces for TV, radio and CD. He sings the themes for shows like One Piece and DBGT, and has produced several CDs of his own original music, all available on iTunes. Finally, in addition to anime and music, Vic has a degree in film and is deeply involved as an actor and director in several web series. He is executive producer of the award winning web series “Star Trek Continues”, where he is not only directing, but fulfilling a childhood dream of playing the iconic role of Captain Kirk. Vic works regularly writing, producing and directing video and film productions of all kinds.

Nerdfit Network

Nerdfit Network The Nerdfit Network (“Nerdfit”) is a Boston-based entertainment group that has delivered hours of laughs and amazement at events since 2007. Nerdfit provides a versatile list of talents including (but not limited to) hosting and performing in panel presentations, game shows, concerts, DJ sets and dance parties. Outside of events, they provide live streams, videos and comedy articles about anime, video games, technology, and silly conspiracy theories. You can find them at

Robert Picardo

Robert Picardo, DerpyCon 2016 Robert Picardo is a graduate of Yale University and has been a well-known actor on stage, screen, and television for over thirty years. Mr. Picardo is recognized around the globe for his popular role as the Holographic Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. He also starred as Commander Woolsey on Stargate Atlantis, making him the only actor to play regular roles on both of television’s most enduring science fiction franchises. He is also well known for his roles on China Beach and The Wonder Years (for which he received an Emmy nomination) and countless guest star appearances on other shows.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Bob graduated from the William Penn Charter School. He entered Yale University as a pre-med student, unaware that he would one day portray doctors in two primetime television series: Dr. Dick Richard on the landmark Vietnam drama China Beach and the holographic doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. While at Yale, Bob landed the role of the Gospel Preacher in Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass” and recreated the role in the European premiere of the work in Vienna. Maestro Bernstein encouraged Bob to pursue his passion to perform and, armed with a B.A. in Drama from Yale, he enrolled at the Circle in the Square Theater Workshop (fellow alumni include Kevin Bacon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman). Soon, his theater work began to prosper. In 1976, he appeared in David Mamet’s “Sexual Perversity in Chicago,” followed by “The Primary English Class” with Diane Keaton. In 1977, Bob made his Broadway debut in the lead role in the comedy hit “Gemini” with Danny Aiello. The following year, he co-starred as Jack Lemmon’s combative son in Bernard Slade’s “Tribute” on Broadway and in a west coast run, which brought him to Los Angeles. Other theater work includes “Beyond Therapy” and “Geniuses” at the Los Angeles Public Theater, “The Normal Heart” at the Berkeley Repertory Theater (Drama-Logue Award), “A Class Act” and “12 Angry Men” at the Pasadena Playhouse, “On the Twentieth Century,” (Ovation nomination), “Broken Glass” at the Victory Theater and “Cabaret” for Reprise, “Enter Laughing: The Musical” at The Annenberg Center for the Arts.

Bob was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as Mr. Cutlip on the ABC series The Wonder Years and was awarded the Viewers For Quality Television Founder’s Award for his outstanding performances for that role and his military surgeon, Dr. Dick Richard, on China Beach. Bob’s extensive television work includes a starring role opposite Helena Bonham-Carter in NBC’s movie-of-the-week Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, the HBO movie White Mile, and the NBC mini-series Deadly Matrimony. In 1995, he began a seven-year run as the well-loved Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager—two episodes of which he also directed. He has guest starred on countless television series including Taxi, St. Elsewhere, L.A. Law, Home Improvement, The Outer Limits, Ally Mcbeal, Frasier, Crossing Jordan, Stargate SG-1, Cold Case, The Closer, Smallville, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, CSI: NY, Justified, United States of Tara, Body of Proof, Castle, Harry’s Law, The Client List, Happy Endings and The Mentalist. He starred as Commander Woolsey in the final season of Stargate Atlantis.

Bob will guest star in the upcoming new “CW” series Significant Mother.

Bob has appeared in over thirty films including The Howling, Legend, Innerspace, Star Trek: First Contact and Small Soldiers. He starred in the psychological thriller Sensored and the family comedy Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure. Bob will be seen in the upcoming Coen Brothers’ comedy, Hail Caesar, starring George Clooney.

Bob is a member of the Hard Hat Council of his local chapter of Habitat for Humanity and a long-time member of the advisory board of The Planetary Society.

This Way to the EGRESS

This Way to the EGRESS The 6 accordion-fronted ensemble This Way to the EGRESS has been told to find a box in which they could fit themselves; however, one needs a rather large box to fit all six members—and their accordions, tubas, electric guitars, trombones, pianos, and drums. So instead they move forth doing what they do best; cascading onto the stage in an explosion of sound and color that’s equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world beat band and three ring circus. The six-person troupe plays a swooning amalgamation of styles that catapults the audience through time and space with unexpected shifts of styles, costumes and time signatures. Confetti snowstorms, tuba farts, Balinese chanting, fire wielding evangelists and puppets sweep across the stage creating a jubilant, anything goes atmosphere, anchored by the band’s superlative songwriting skills and sterling musicianship. Accordion, violin and tuba aren’t instruments you usually find fronting a rock band, but This Way to the EGRESS uses them to give the music unexpected textures, while retaining a propulsive beat and generating enough energy to light up a small city.

Uncle Yo

Uncle Yo Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer has toured the anime convention circuit for 8 years emceeing panels, podcasts, puppet shows, and every cosplay contest in-between. You can Spotify his four albums or find them online at any digital distributor. His unique brand of long-form, “rantcore” stand-up comedy centers only upon white and nerdy privileges. You can view his webwork on YouTube’s “Schnoz-Man and Hole Punch” and his personal fantasy sitcom, “Dungeon Crawlers,” as well as several cameos across It’s gonna be another great year for DerpyCon.

Aurelio Voltaire

Aurelio Voltaire Aurelio Voltaire is often described as a modern day renaissance man. He is a singer/performer, creator of comic books, animation and toys.An internationally touring musician, he is at the forefront of the Gothic, Steampunk and Dark Cabaret genres headlining some of the biggest horror, sci-fi and comic book conventions as well as Gothic and Steampunk festivals for nearly two decades. His music can best be described as a collection of murder ballads, tongue-in-cheek exercises in the macabre, with just enough bawdy songs about Star Trek and Star Wars to keep a convention audience rolling in the aisles. Many know him for his songs “Brains!” and “Land of the Dead” from the Cartoon Network show “The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy”.
Voltaire’s live shows, whether solo or with his skeletal orchestra, are full of stories and games. Many describe his shows as sitting around a fire while an old friend regales you with tales, presuming that old friend drinks a liter of rum a night, dates zombie prostitutes and wrestles Krakens.Voltaire has been recording and touring for over 15 years. He’s released 11 full length CDs.


Greg Wicker

Greg Wicker Greg Wicker (or “Greggo” as he’s fondly known) has been producing and hosting game shows at anime conventions since 1999, when he premiered Anime Match Game at Project A-Kon in Dallas. Since then, Greggo has done anime-themed versions of several classic game shows, created a few games of his own, and even had an original project that very nearly turned into an actual television show on Anime Network. These days Greggo is concentrating on perfecting his craft and making game shows available for conventions everywhere, bringing his rapier wit and friendly personality with him wherever he goes. You can see some of Greggo’s past game show efforts on his YouTube page at or visit his website at for more information.