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DerpyCon welcomes members of the press to attend and report on our event. The requirements for registration are below, and you may apply for press registration through our online form after reading the requirements. Please allow at least 10 business days for your application to be processed. You must have submitted your online application by October 4, 2019.


  • Highly active with a print publication (i.e. magazine, newspapers, etc.), radio, television/cable/affiliate station/program, newscast, online magazine/newspaper, and/or blog/video blog. A Facebook page or Twitter feed is not considered an official website/blog for an organization. If you do not have a website in addition to a social media feed, you will not qualify (website exemptions apply for print-only publications). For print-only publications, the applicant will be contacted to provide visual proof of the publication, such as a PDF scan of the cover. A link to traffic stats page for any website should be readily accessible if requested.
  • Organization must have existed as a news/press outlet for at least two years.
  • All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age by/on October 25, 2019 (see below for high school publications that may potentially have underage staff).
  • Applications with official company e-mails are preferred.
  • Writers/Reporters from high school and university level publications are encouraged to apply as well. However, in these cases we kindly request that you provide us with a letter of intent signed by you and your editor-in-chief/advisor on official school letterhead. Please also note that we will not be able to provide Press Badges for them. Chaperones are welcome to enjoy the convention by registering through the registration process for the general public. Please register any chaperones through the general public registration located on-site. ALL MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A REGISTERED ADULT.
  • Individual personal blogs and/or photo galleries (cosplay photographers, etc) will not be considered except in special cases. Photographers, cosplay-related media outlets or outlets with a history of posting exclusively cosplay-related content must present a detailed proposal on the coverage they plan to do at DerpyCon. Taking photos of the cosplayers who attend the convention can be done quite readily without the need of a Press Badge; therefore we reserve the right to deny applications of that nature.
  • Valid picture ID must be presented to DerpyCon staff when badges are picked up.

Those who have submitted an application for “Press” registration will receive a confirmation of receipt of application via e-mail and if approved, will then received an “Approved Press” e-mail in addition to being placed on the “Press” admission list. Please note that those who have obtained approval for “Press” admission will still be required to provide their official business card and valid ID.

Individuals who choose to register at the convention will also be required to provide the items mentioned in points 2 and 3 above. Due to the fact that we will not have all of our resources available at the convention, please be aware that information that cannot be verified on the spot may result in the denial of the Press Badge.

Each approved organization will receive up to two complimentary press badges to attend the convention. Each person that will be attending must fill out the form, even if someone from the same organization has already done so. Submitting a request for Press access does not guarantee that you will receive Press access. The total number of Press badges is limited; as such, it’s possible that not every name submitted for your organization will receive Press access. Extra comp badges and press credentials will be provided only to those applicants that can provide a demonstrated need for more. All press badges are comped and must be obtained through the Press Registration process. Press access will not be given to any individuals who are not approved for a comped press badge.

Receipt of press credentials provides the following privileges:

  • Access to press-only rooms such as the press-only interview rooms.
  • Access to press-only seating when provided at events, subject to space availability and other restrictions.
  • The ability to schedule interviews through DerpyCon Press Relations staff with guests, subject to guest availability. All requests for interviews with guests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the convention. No requests will be taken on-site.

Press credentials are subject to the following limitations:

  • Registered members of Press must obey all convention policies.
  • Registered members of Press must arrange for and finance their own travel and room arrangements and food.
  • Failure to comply with the Press policies as well as convention policies may result in revocation of Press Badge(s).

Interview Procedures

  • Interviews with official guests must be requested and arranged through Press Relations staff. Only registered members of Press may request interviews with official guests. Interviews will be arranged as guest availability allows; simply requesting an interview does not guarantee that one will be arranged.
  • DerpyCon staff works with guests, their publicists and managers, and their industry reps to schedule the guests’ time. This policy is necessary to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • No requests for interviews will be taken on-site.
  • Each guest reserves the right to accept or deny any requests received, and also reserves the right to limit the number of interviews they will provide to whatever number they are comfortable with.
  • The convention reserves the right to deny interview requests or cancel interviews on behalf of the guest, or if a press organization has been found violating convention press policies.
  • The convention reserves the right to deny interview requests or cancel interviews on behalf of the guest, or if a press organization has been found violating convention press policies.
  • Any interviews arranged by any press outlet directly with the guest or their representative are not recognized by DerpyCon and will not be allowed to take place in the convention-provided interview space. Use of the interview space must be obtained by scheduling an official interview through the convention.

Ad Hoc Interviews

Ad hoc interviews with general members, dealers, and people other than guests and industry do not require Press Relations approval. These interviews do not qualify for use of the on-site interview space. Press organizations must establish times and locations on their own, and respect all convention policies about space usage.

Ad hoc interviews with guests and industry are not supported by the convention. The convention cannot and will not provide interview space for these interviews, and the convention cannot be held responsible for communications or promises made between the guest and the press organization about such interviews. Convention guest handlers and individual guest agents reserve the right to grant, cancel, and cut short any such interviews in order to preserve the guest’s convention appearance schedule and obligations.

Proper Behavior of Registered Press

Registered members of Press are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner when acting in a press capacity. Professional behavior includes but is not limited to: showing respect to guests, staff and other participants; showing up early for scheduled interviews or press events, or notifying Press Relations staff of any delays; arriving prepared to conduct scheduled interviews; obeying the moderator’s rules for any press conferences and complying to all photo restrictions, as conveyed by staff or by the guests themselves.

Since guests’ time is limited, registered members of Press are asked to refrain from requesting autographs or personal photos with guests at the close of an interview. Photos of guests to accompany coverage are sometimes allowed, and are subject to the convenience of guests and to time constraints. All such photos must be prearranged at the time of scheduling the interview or requested at the very start of the interview time slot.

Approved members of the Press will NOT need to purchase a regular event badge.

Application Procedure

Press interested in covering DerpyCon should apply in advance.

Please read the requirements for Press applications carefully. If your application is missing anything, it may be denied or delayed.

Once the application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please save the confirmation email because you will need to show it along with your photo ID to pick up your Press badge at DerpyCon. If you are denied, you will receive notification.

You will receive instructions on where to pick up your Press badge in your confirmation email. Press badge pickup will have the same hours as regular attendee registration. Bring your confirmation e-mail and your government-issued ID.

The Press badge must be carried at all times. Without your Press badge, you will not have access to the convention or any of the privileges outlined above.

Please Note:

After the convention, we will request a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records and to make future assessments on press access.


  • Your Press Badge allows access as long as space is permitting.
  • Your Press Badge does not allow early access, special access or guaranteed seating.
  • Your Press Badge does not allow you to cut lines.
  • Your Press Badge will not allow access into any events requiring an additional ticket.