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Applications Are Now Open Until October 4th
Read the Below Rules and Apply at the Bottom of the Page

The DerpyCon Cosplay Masquerade is a event where costumed entries appear in front of an audience and a panel of judges to Compete for magnificent DerpyCon prizes. Entries take the form of walk-ons, or rehearsed skits which may include, but are not limited to: musical numbers, choreographed dances, comedy sketches, acting, instrumental acts, parodies, drama, and much more. The performance should be planned and rehearsed before the event.


  1. To enter the Cosplay Masquerade you must be registered as an attendee to DerpyCon 2019.
  2. Check-in for the Masquerade will be held Saturday morning. Failure to check-in will result in the entry being dropped and the Showcase slot being opened to another entry. Check-in time and location will be made available online once the DerpyCon 2019 schedule is set.
  3. All skits must be PG-13 or lower. Please refrain from cursing or nudity on stage!
  4. There will be a maximum of ten (10) participants on stage at any time in any Showcase performance, this includes stage “ninjas”.
  5. Participants under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  6. Staged falls, as well as smoke, pyrotechnics, glitter, or other special effects that will leave a mess behind are prohibited. Nothing can be thrown into the audience (approval needed) and any item that comes on stage must be brought off the stage at the end of the skit.
  7. Participants’ costumes must allow them freedom of movement. DerpyCon cosplay staff will be unable to assist entrants with their costumes. Entrants must be able to navigate stairs and move around the stage unassisted.
  8. Any participant who does not follow the rules of the Masquerade, misses line up times, or does not follow the instructions of cosplay staff during the event, may be disallowed from participating at the discretion of the Head of Cosplay.
  9. Only Masquerade participants will be allowed in the Green Room (back stage).
  10. Craftsmanship is optional, but may assist towards Best in Show.
  11. Last Chance Signups will be during the rehearsal session and no later than twenty minutes before the end of the time slot.

Time Limit

All Cosplay Masquerade participants will be given the following times based on the number of people in a skit:

  • 1 person – 1:00 minute
  • 2-4 people – 3:00 minutes
  • 5+ people – 5:00 minutes

Performers will have 30 seconds to set up their skit, and 30 seconds to break down their skit. (This will not count toward the actual Time Limit you are allowed).


Are only allowed the most of 1 minute on stage.

Level of Awards

1st Place (Prize: Badge to DerpyCon 2020)
2nd Place
3rd Place


You must provide your own music/audio. You may have the source audio placed on, but not limited to CD/Flash drive/email. It is highly recommended to email or mail the Audio to the Head of Cosplay before the weekend of the event, the earlier the better. Also please bring a back up, if something happens with the audio the day of the event.

Recommended Audio Format: MP3, MP4, AIFF or WAV format at 44.100 kHz, Stereo, minimum 16-bit Integer.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to email the Cosplay Staff.