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Love dancing and party music?  Well come dance the night away at the DerpyCon Dance!  Join our special DJs as we party it up with mixes such as trance, vaporwave, synth, hardstyle, and many more!

Dance Policies

While dancing your heart out, please be mindful of our rules and policies, this way you and everyone else can have the night of their lives!

  • No Bags or Backpacks are Permitted Inside the Dance.
  • No Bottles (Glass or Plastic) or Cans are Permitted Inside the Dance.  Water Stations Will be Available.
  • No Food is Allowed Inside the Dance.
  • Props are Not Permitted Inside the Dance.
  • No Break Dancing, Hooping, or Stringing.
  • No Moshing.
  • No Swinging or Throwing of Objects.
  • No Fighting.
  • No Excessive Public Displays of Affection.
  • Your Feet Must be on the Floor At All Times (i.e. No Jumping) and Shoes Must be Worn At All Times.
  • Your Badge Must Be Displayed At All Times.

DerpyCon staff will not hold, watch, or in any way assume responsibility for any items left unattended.