DerpyCon 2018 - November 9 - 11, 2018 - Morristown, NJ

Department Head Application

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Convention Operations
Title Public Safety Chief
Categories Convention Operations
Job Information
  • Primary interface between convention leadership and the Public Safety department.
  • Primary interface between hotel security officers and the event
  • If asked by the facility, acts as interface between the convention and local public safety officials
  • Responsible for approving and training of all Public Safety staff and volunteers (Officers, Desk Sergeants, and new Chiefs)
  • Works with the Chief of Staff to update department policies, event safety plan, and training materials for the Public Safety Department.
  • Set the schedules for officers and sergeants
  • Determines needs for security and staffs correctly during their shift
  • Either handle or assign personnel to deal with cash drops, or other high risk assignments.
  • Ensure that all life/safety rules are being adhered to (e.g. room capacities, open egress routes, etc.)
  • Remains on-site and on call throughout the entirety of their shift. In the event of a personal emergency, Chiefs must notify the appropriate leadership of their potential absence.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Head or Assistant Head of Con Ops, the Chief of Staff, or the Convention Chairperson.
Experience Needed
  • Previous Public Safety experience, or event security experience.
  • This application will be reviewed by the Head or Assistant Head of Con Ops, the Convention Chairperson (Venue Liaison), and if necessary, the Chief of Staff.
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