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Staff Perks

Q: What are Staff Perks?
A: Staff Perks are rewards earned by staff for the hours they work for the con.
Q: Why Staff Perks? What’s different from previous years?
A: The convention appreciates all of the hard work that you do for the con. This hasn’t changed. What has changed is that we’d like to work harder to create a system that demonstrates that appreciation.
Q: How do Staff Perks Work?
A: Staff perks are earned based on the hours you work. For example, if you work 12 hours, you can earn 3 meal vouchers, your convention badge, and $5 towards another Staff Perk…like $5 off the cost of your hotel room.
Q: Some perks have multiple choices. How do those work?
A: We want to give our staff some choices, so they can customize the perks to work best for them. For example, a Staff member who chooses to eat off-site might want to cash in their 4 hour perk for a bag of snacks for their shift. 
Q: What are the differences between Volunteer and Staff Perks? Why are some the same?
A: We have had several Volunteers who have either worked the equivalent of Staff hours, or who have accepted Staff positions during our convention. We feel they should be rewarded for their hard work, and this allows us to do it!
Q: Do Department Heads earn different perks than General Staff?
A: Our Department Heads and Command-level Staff work year-round to make the convention a success. Their perks are made to reflect this hard work.
Q: Some of the perks don’t apply to me. What do I do?
A: You can contact our Head of Staff Services. While we can’t guarantee adjustments, we’ll review such instances on a case-by-case basis and do our best to help.
Q: I have questions that aren’t answered here. Who do I contact?
A: You can e-mail us at:, where our Head of Staff Services will answer your questions.


Perks are listed by hours worked, followed by the rewards that can be earned.

4 hours – Small goodie bag of snacks/drinks OR meal voucher (to be used at con) for 1 meal served by Staff Lounge (This repeats every 4 hours of work accumulated). Meal vouchers must be turned in at least TWO HOURS in advance of the meal so Staff Lounge may have a count.)
8 hours – $5 voucher to our merch table OR $5 towards another Staff Perk
12 hours – Full Reimbursement of convention badge
16 hours – Free Staff T-shirt
20 hours – Invitation to Staff-only party; AND larger bag of snacks/drinks OR $10 voucher towards another Staff Perk
24 hours – Reimbursement of hotel room (up to 2 nights) up to $25/night
IN ADDITION: 24 hours of pre-con work – an additional $25.00 per additional night (up to 2 room nights.)