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Must Haves

  • All Staff must be 18 years or older at the start date of the convention. (Certain positions may require Staffers to be over the age of 21.)
  • All Staff should read over the entire Staff Rules and Staff FAQ.
  • All Staff must work at least a total of 12 hours for the duration of the convention.
  • Staff must attend at least three (3) conference calls or meetings throughout the year prior to the convention.
  • No Staff member may hold multiple badge types. Staff may not act as press, attendees, vendors, etc. in addition to Staff.
  • ALL STAFF must attend a Staff Orientation session at con.
  • A Staffer must report to their Department Head and Staff Services if they are unable to attend the convention. Any Staffer who fails to do this will not be permitted to staff in the future.
  • Any Staffer whose Department requires a Certification must present proof of this Certification to their Department Head prior to staffing within this Department. Any Staffer who fails to do this will not be permitted to staff within a Department requiring specific Certifications.

Code of Conduct

  • All Staff must follow all venue and convention rules. This includes in particular the Chain of Command.
  • Staff must show up to their shifts on time and work the entirety of their shifts.
  • By signing up to staff with the convention, Staffers are representing the event and should act appropriately. Any misconduct that violates venue, staff, or attendee rules/regulations may result in loss of incentives, staffing privileges, and possible removal from the venue. In addition, staff may not return as staff the following year. Decisions regarding violations and disciplinary actions will be determined by a Staffer’s Department Head or Command Staff, the Public Safety Chiefs, and Chief of Staff.
  • Any arguments or disputes should be moved to a closed room with both the appropriate Department Head or Public Safety Chief, and an approved moderator (Chief of Staff or a Command Staffer)
  • All staff should maintain a positive, professional attitude, both around attendees and more importantly, convention guests. Should a Staffer need to vent/fan over a guest/become angry/express any big or negative emotion, Staffers should go to the Staff Lounge or a personal hotel room.
  • Staff should not leave their posts during their shift! If an emergency or outstanding situation arises, Staff must inform their Department Head or Command Staff and have their leave approved!

Social Media and Publicity

  • Anything that we do not have the rights to play (e.g. anime, TV shows, etc.) can NOT be played in convention spaces.
  • Do not post private staff information or criticisms on the DerpyCon official social media outlets. Such information should be confined to e-mails, in person discussions, and the DerPortal.
  • Do not use personal emails, social media, or text messages to discuss DerpyCon business. Please only use official DerpyCon emails, approved e-mail addresses, and/or the DerPortal.
  • All Staff are encouraged to join Street Team and assist with advertising.

Hotel and Venue

  • All Staff must assist with Load In/Load Out, as per Storage Master directions.
  • Staff must fill out the Staff Hotel Form if they wish to stay in the Staff Hotel Room Block, and complete any payments prior to the event (if applicable). Any Staffer who does not do this will not be permitted to stay within the Staff Hotel Block.
  • All staff must agree and follow all Hotel Room and Staff Hotel policies.
  • Staff need to inform their Department Head or Command Staff if they are going off site.
  • Staff has up to one (1) hour of off-site time for every 6 hours worked.


We may make modifications to this agreement at anytime. You will be notified if there any modifications.